Frequently Asked Questions

How many admins can I have under my account?

As a super admin or account owner you are able to create as many regular admins as you want. Only a super admin has the ability to create or remove admins.

Do I have to re-upload all of my registrants if I have late registrants following my initial upload?

No, you can simply create a spreadsheet with the new registrants. Then, choose the append option to add additional registrants to your existing list when uploading.

Where can I buy additional printers or rolls?

You can visit our online shop to purchase additional printers or badge stock.

Do ZDesigner printers use ink?

No, ZDesigner printers are all thermal printers so you never need to replace an ink cartridge. You will, however, need to replace the rolls.

Where can I download a reader-friendly version of the user manual?

You can download a full user manual here.

How long does my ExpoTrac trial last?

Your free trial will last for 5 days, at which point you will be prompted to choose a tier for your paid subscription.


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