ExpoTrac will be there to ensure that your on-site registration will go smoothly!

This is why ExpoTrac is the right solution for your on-site registration needs:


On-site Registration BadgeSpeed – One of the fastest on-site registration systems on the market today that prints badges in a matter of seconds.


online-registration-after-the-show-expo-tracSupport – A dedicated account manager to help you through the entire process and supervise the on-site registration area during the event.


 Fill Out Our Proposal Request Form - Expo TracServices – Below are just some of the many services we offer in on-site registration:


  • ExpoTrac supplies all computer equipment, badge printers, laser printers, badge stock, and badge holders needed for on-site registration at your event
  • Our experts set up all the networked computers and printers for complete on-site registration and badge production
  • ExpoTrac can securely collect and process credit card payments on-site during your event
  • ExpoTrac can also provide and set up on-site registration kiosk(s)
  • ExpoTrac staff always maintains a professional appearance
  • Train and supervise all temporary registration staff
  • ExpoTrac staff can provide up to date reports during the event
  • Maintain accurate database
  • Exhibitor lead retrieval training and support
  • Session and event attendance tracking with scanning
  • Up-to-date seminar and event rosters
  • Produce tickets for sessions, seminars, special events and or meals
  • Access timely registration, demographic, and verification reports
  • We supply badge holders in various color stripes to make it easy to differentiate different registrants
  • Immediate email confirmations including a barcode for attendees to scan onsite and have their badges printed.

Partner with ExpoTrac and upgrade your event.  We can:

  • Eliminate Lines
  • Give your event a professional appearance
  • Monitor attendance with text on badges, badge holder colors, session/event/lunch tickets

We have heard time and again from our clients that they had wished that they had found us sooner.  Their events run so much smoother now than they ever had before.  Some of our clients used to pre-print all of the name badges and look them up by hand onsite.  To their astonishment, our process of printing badges on-demand onsite proved to be faster and more efficient.  If you are still pre-printing badges and flipping through them onsite, it’s time to contact us today and upgrade your event.


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